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Artistic Director

"By its very nature, dance is of the moment. It is performance art, made of flesh and blood, living and dying in the same breath. It is an intrinsically compelling expression of contemporary art that belongs in residence alongside other forms of visual art, to be experienced, enjoyed, and critiqued in much the same manner. I am interested in how the impermanence of dance can find residence alongside other forms of visual art and be accessible to the community without diminishing its resonance, for example in a museum or gallery setting. For the proscenium stage, elements of installation or sculptural work can recalibrate a viewer’s expectation to see the art of dance as more than an isolated occurrence outside of the greater art world. Dance speaks to our bodies. It is my desire to create work for my community which inspires a physical knowing, as much as it tells a story and evokes thought."

Founder and Artistic Director, Shelly Hawkins

Tucson, AZ

(520) 254-6890